Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still following Bollywood but a Change in Residence has slowed me down

I am here in Utah on a temporary job.

I am far away from my Hindi movie theater. I have not found a movie theater in Utah that plays Hindi movies, yet. But, I just found a wonderful Indian restaurant, The Indian Oven, in Logan.

The restaurant had lovely table settings in blue and red with substantial blue cloth napkins. They had a buffet as well as a full menu. I had Vegetable Coconut Kuma and Ginger and Garllic Naan bread. I suspect the Naan was a Chef's own receipe. My meal was wonderful, all the spices were delightful and surprisingly, they blended well and none overwhelmed another. I always get a sweet Lassi which seems to fill me up but I like the beverage. I took home half the meal and the dessert, Gulab Jamun, which is one of my favorites. But, I was in such a hurry, I forgot to tip the waiter. I will be bringing some friends there soon, so I will catch up with him, then. Anyway, Indian meals are meant to be shared among friends and family with good conversation.

I did get a tip from the owner about a movie theater in Salt Lake City, so hopefully, I will be able to watch Shah Rukh Khan's new movie, Chak De India, which is supposed to release August 10, 2007!!!


Bollywood Talk said...

Ruth -- It's always wonderful to meet other Bollywood fans, it's a big wide wonderful Bollywood world out there!!!

Emily said...

which theatre in salt lake city plays bollywood movies? i am a huge fan and hate missing out on recent releases.