Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Detained at Newark Airport

News of SRK's detention has made the news in the US and in India and a lot of people are mad. Some accuse SRK pulling this as a stunt to promote his film, My Name is Khan. Others are angry at the US for being ignorant and xenophobic. I think there is a simpler answer.

When I read that SRK's film, My Name is Khan, was being picked up by Fox Star Studios. as the distributor, I thought, "Uh Oh," that may not be a good thing. While it is good news that an "American" company selected an Indian film to distribute, that did not necessarily mean they would be able to do it adequately or with respect for the genre.

After reading several articles about SRK's detention, while others blamed SRK or his company for pulling a stunt, it is more likely that Fox Star Studios, which is financing and distributing the film, would pull a stunt like this. Fox Star Studios' parent company, News Corporation, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, has been known to distort the news. Fox News, Inc. which is also owned by Murdoch has been documented countless times for spreading lies and rumors. See Media or for examples.

Murdoch's companies make money spreading lies and rumors. A stunt like putting SRK's name on a suspected terrorist list in America without telling SRK would be just the kind of thing an organization run by Murdoch would do.