Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Vote Yes to Keep the Dance and Song Routines

I want to counter those who criticize Bollywood films. Some say they are less polished than "western" films. But, Bolllywood has it's own style and that style is valuable. Many Bollywood films are layered with various stories and themes. They are also realistic, so if emotional scenes seem raw, this is because in real life emotional scenes are raw. I enjoy the multi- layered and -themed characteristic.

Several critics claim the dance and song routines are unecessary especially in dramas. But, show me any other film industry that invests in musical talent as much as Bollywood. I love the fact that Bollywood films support all the arts by showcasing choreography that reflects national dance styles, and singers, musicians, and lyirists.

My vote is that Bollywood keep that which it has made unique and wonderful.